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New coronavirus disinfection set

I want to disinfect quickly! I want to keep costs down as much as possible! I have a self-set to solve the problem!

With this set, you can do the same virus disinfection as a specialist.

It is a set that can be performed by a minimum of two employees of a store or company.

* The standard floor to be used for disinfection is 100 square meters per case.

Please work according to the attached checklist

If you send us the checklist after the completion, we will issue a "construction completion certificate with disinfection set" free of charge.

Disinfection is just a reset! It is important to take measures to strengthen infection from the next day.

After-sales follow-up is perfect. Infectious disease recurrence prevention advice

So that you can continue to protect yourself from infectious diseases

< Manual for strengthening anti-virus measures for new corona > < 75% ethyl alcohol 5L>

Gift! (Included in the set)

With advice on infectious disease control by our staff in the hygiene management business with specialized knowledge

From the next day after disinfection, you will be able to implement a higher-grade anti-virus measure.

The most important thing is to strengthen the measures at the facility etc. after that by the customer or employee who requested it.

It is important to know the points to be noted in daily life.

Please contact us for details.

Please contact us by phone , email , or official LINE with the name of the company, the name of the person in charge, and the contact information.

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