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New coronavirus disinfection construction service

We are responsible for enlightenment and work regarding appropriate measures and removal of infectious diseases and pests.

It is a member company of the Tokyo Pest Control Association.

We carry out disinfection work under the guidance and education of the association, and ensure safety and security.

It is a policy to carry out disinfection work.

In addition, as our own measure, follow-up after the completion of disinfection is indispensable.

If the measures taken so far are left untouched, there is a risk that infectious disease patients will occur again.

We will propose appropriate infection countermeasures from a professional point of view so that you can spend your time with peace of mind after disinfection.

After-sales follow-up is perfect. Infectious disease recurrence prevention advice

We will protect you from infectious diseases on the day when the disinfection work is completed.

< Manual for strengthening anti-virus measures for new corona > < 75% ethyl alcohol 5L>

Will be presented.

With advice on infectious disease control by our staff in the hygiene management business with specialized knowledge

From the next day after disinfection, you will be able to implement a higher-grade anti-virus measure.

The most important thing is to strengthen the measures at the facility etc. after that by the customer or employee who requested it.

It is important to know the points to be noted in daily life.

We would be grateful if you could entrust us with a device that can prevent infectious disease patients at the same time as disinfection work.

For more information Contact Form Please send hesitate to than.

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We also accept phone calls , emails, and official LINE.

We hope that you can contribute to the prevention of recurrence of infectious diseases in your company with disinfection work and specialized knowledge.

You can also do it yourself! We also sell a new coronavirus disinfection set.

It is a set that can be done by a minimum of 2 employees of the company or facility.

Inquiry / Construction service request form

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