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In-house new product `` Splash guard for food and drink''

As a measure against the new corona in 2020, from last summer

Attention is paid to reduce commodity risk at the time of removing the mask

We have developed a new mask for eating and drinking, " Splash Guard for Eating and Drinking ", which was developed in-house.

The feature is that chopsticks and cups do not get in the way when eating and drinking, and droplets are kept out as much as possible .

It is possible to eat with chopsticks and forks in the guard using both hands

You can also drink with a mug.

It is also a product that protects restaurant employees from infection.

You will be able to eat and have dinner with peace of mind at restaurants and long-term care facilities.

It is a style in which shops and facilities purchase wholesale and sell to customers who wish.

It is important to recommend that as many people as possible wear it.

* Please take a look at YouTube where you can see the image of the product.

We also have videos that you can make as a substitute for familiar items.

By all means, shops and facilities can make original food and drink splash guards.

Videos are also available. Please have a look.

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