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About chemicals used in cockroach construction

Information about the chemicals used mainly for cockroach construction in pest control.

We use chemicals exclusively for vendors that are both safe and effective.

* Please check the manufacturer's website for each product for the latest information.

Safrotin MC (second-class pharmaceutical products)

It is an insecticide that enhances safety and effectiveness by microencapsulating the active ingredient.

Dilute and spray on the flow lines of cockroaches such as the corners of rooms, gaps in pipes, and the outer circumference.

It has little effect on flooring and wall materials, has little chemical odor, and is highly safe, so it can be used safely even in homes with small children and pets. By microencapsulation, it boasts high sustainability for about half a year.

Main active ingredient: Propetanphos 20.0%

Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd. Agro Division

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Mirakun S (Class 2 Pharmaceuticals)

It is a gas type injection chemical.

Since it uses only active ingredients and carbon dioxide, it is highly safe and does not generate odors or stains.

By spraying it on the ceiling or inside the wall, the fast-acting drug spreads out of reach, and it is effective for hidden cockroaches and nests.

Since it has a certain residual effect in a closed space, it can be expected to have a repellent effect after construction.

Active ingredient: Phenothrin 1.0%

Sumika Environmental Science Co., Ltd.

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Advion LS Gel (Class 2 Pharmaceuticals)

It is a gel-like bait (poisonous food).

It has low odor and diffusivity, and is particularly effective against German cockroaches.

Insecticide by eating is possible by spot-treating the habitat (applying a drug in a size that fits the mouth of the cockroach). In addition, since the effect remains on the carcasses of cockroaches that have ingested the drug, it can be expected to kill larvae in the nest and secondary insecticides of other cockroaches.

Active ingredient: Indoxacarb 0.6%

Syngenta Japan Co., Ltd.

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Extermination spray (quasi-drug for control)

A commercial pyrethroid insecticide spray.

Especially, it has excellent quick-acting and residual-acting properties, expels hidden cockroaches and exterminates them, and has a certain repellent effect.

It is an environmentally friendly insecticide because it is highly safe because it is quickly decomposed in the body of a homeothermic animal, and it is more easily decomposed than other insecticides when exposed to light, air, or heat.

Active ingredients: imiprothrin, phenothrin

Dainihon Jochugiku Co., Ltd.

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* Use different chemicals according to the type of cockroach, habitat / breeding conditions, construction site / method.

* If hygiene management is inadequate, the effects of the drug may not be fully exerted.

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