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Hygiene Management Division

We have been planning and developing improved products in the sanitary environment since 1997.

Until now, while focusing on hygiene management in the food service industry

Development and sales of commercial detergents and pest control that are friendly to people and the environment based on food hygiene

We have also provided general hygiene management services such as disinfection of facilities.

Now that the world situation has changed so much, it is against the new coronavirus.

In addition to disinfection services, we also develop countermeasure products.

1. Implemented a new corona eradication campaign

[New Era Thought Research Institute] is scheduled to be established in recent years.

Realize a society where people can live with peace of mind.

First, to control infection and develop the economy

You can eat and drink while preventing droplets that are the cause of infection.

Have each store handle the in- house developed product "Splash Guard for Food and Beverage"

Write a support message to the store by the customer's autograph in the guard

Let's revive the economy! We are making efforts.

Talking with the mask off is a risk of infection to humans.

At the same time as solving this big problem, attach a message to the other party

I think that the synergistic effect is immeasurable by supporting.

2. 2. Development of a new concept detergent that does not burden people and the environment

As mentioned at the beginning, it has been based on hygiene management since 1997.

Development and sales of commercial detergents that are friendly to people and the environment (BtoB)

For those who are suffering from sensitive skin or allergies to children

We have been developing and selling household detergents (BtoC).

3. 3. Various hygiene management services that you can do yourself

Businesses in the future will have to work on cost reduction.

The Reimei Group has cultivated to reduce unnecessary expenses.

Providing 22 years of know-how, a new system that you can finely remove by yourself


In addition, since we have all the tools and chemicals necessary for extermination, it is possible to exterminate at the same level as a professional company.

You will be able to do it yourself, and working every day will improve the effect.

Pests are the same as viruses, and by covering them with strong chemicals, they become resistant and cannot be completely exterminated, so they will not disappear for many years.

This is an epoch-making project for businesses that have been plagued by pests.

We are happy to hear from you.

4. Connect the world of youth, running a project to achieve a peaceful society in the future

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