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Cockroach Q & A

Here are some frequently asked questions about cockroach extermination. Please refer to it.

Please feel free to contact us regarding other pest control and mouse control.

Q. Will cockroaches appear immediately after construction and within about 3 weeks?

A. Even if you do not actually see the adults, if they live in invisible gaps, they may come out due to the effect of the drug.
However, when the larva (10 to 20 larvae are born from one egg) grows to a size of about 5 mm, the poison easily turns and can be exterminated.

Q. Where are the cockroach eggs?

A. Basically, in the darkness that is not visible, such as inside a wall or behind furniture

There are many things.
It is in the shape of a black capsule like azuki beans of about 1 cm.

Eggs after hatching are almost invisible because they dry and fall apart.

Q. Do Smokybrown cockroaches fly?

A. Smokybrown cockroaches may fly when they feel dangerous.

Q. Is it okay to clean the floor with water after construction?

A. After the sprayed drug has dried, wipe it with water or quickle.

You can also use a wiper, etc.

Q. How do Smokybrown cockroaches spend their winters?

A. Cockroaches live all year round, but their breeding rate is higher than in summer.

It's down.
Also, I often spend time under the ceiling or under the floor to hibernate. The life is said to be about 2 years.

Q. Is it okay to use pesticides on cockroaches that come out after construction?

A. This construction is done by spraying chemicals on the flow lines of cockroaches.

The purpose is to bring the active ingredient back to the nest and spread and exterminate it.

It has become.
Therefore, if the insecticide is used even for the cockroach hidden in the back, even the cockroach that brings back the active ingredient will be exterminated, and the insecticide will cover the surface of the drug.

It will not be fully effective.
When using pesticides, they came out in weak and conspicuous places

It is best to use it only for cockroaches.

Q. Where do cockroaches die after construction?

A. Cockroaches die ecologically, basically in an invisible place

In many cases, the corpse is rarely seen on the floor or other conspicuous place.

Q. Combat and black cap

What should I do after construction?

A. It is not necessary if we perform our construction.

The reason is that even if you do the construction, the combat etc.

This is because they will come closer again because they will be food.

However, the attractant is effective for newly entering cockroaches.

Therefore, it is effective to place it in an invisible place such as the back of the refrigerator.

Q. Is it necessary to reconstruct after the drug is no longer effective?

A. The effect of the drug is about 6 months, so it is possible to prevent invasion from the outside.

Therefore, it is safer to have it reconstructed.

Q. Will cockroaches appear on higher floors?

A. Cockroaches also get into the elevator or climb the plumbing

Because it invades, it appears even on higher floors.

Q. Is there any problem with filling in the holes for rent?

A. Construction using tapes that can be restored to their original state when moving out

There is no problem because it will be.

Q. Should I have a guarantee?

A. Since the effect of the drug is about 6 months, the effect will continue even for newly invading cockroaches, but it is better to use the guarantee when there is a lot of external invasion after construction or when it is difficult to collect the carcass. There are many.
If there is no guarantee, if you wish to collect the corpse, etc., a business trip fee of 8.000 yen (excluding tax) will be incurred.
If you wish to spray the chemicals again, additional costs will be incurred depending on the construction content.
In addition, since the effect of the drug spreads during the 3 weeks after construction, we cannot provide additional construction.

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