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Q & A Frequently Asked Questions about “Dishwasher Cleaning Liquid”

Q How do you use this?

A Please dilute 10 times at the store before use.

Q How do you dilute?

A If you run out of detergent bottles for the washing machine you are currently using, do not throw them away and wash them cleanly.

Dilute 10 times with tap water. (There is a separate empty bottle)

Q Isn't that troublesome?

A Certainly, the purpose is different from the conventional detergents, so it takes more time and effort, but there are many replacements.

It only takes one or two times a month.

More than that, this new detergent can enable cost savings and inventory space savings.

It is a next-generation detergent made from the standpoint of the store.

Q How is the cleaning power actually?

A Yes, of course. Dilute 10 times to obtain the same detergency as before.

Q Isn't this a more dangerous detergent than conventional detergents because it is concentrated?

A Many detergents are dangerous detergents that are treated as deleterious substances. The ingredients of this product are harmless even if they remain for the first time in the industry.

A safe detergent made with only ingredients.

Q Can I change the amount of dilution here?

A No. Be sure to observe it in order to suppress the growth of food poisoning-causing bacteria in the washing machine and maintain the washing standards.

Please use it. Therefore, the price is cheaper than before.

Q Is it possible to sterilize?

A ATP (wiping inspection) test gives clear numbers, so there is less residue than conventional numbers.

You can see clearly. If you have an ATP inspection machine, please test the dishes after cleaning.

That alone will lead to great peace of mind and raise awareness of hygiene management.

Q Is there a rinse effect?

A There is no conventional rinse effect.

This product has a different basic idea of rinsing. Rinse is necessary depending on the store because the residual concentration is low.

You may not need it. Please try it without rinsing and then judge.

Q Are the ingredients really harmless?

A If necessary, we will show you the ingredient list. Contains no harmful surfactants.

Therefore, this product does not get rough due to residue.

Q Why is it detergency with only harmless ingredients?

A That was the most difficult problem in making this product.

It was an extremely difficult problem to obtain the conventional detergency with only harmless ingredients. It is the only detergent that has made it possible.

Q What about the supply device?

A This product does not include the rental fee or maintenance fee for the supply equipment.

If you need a supply device, we will sell it separately.

35,000 yen (excluding tax) There is also a maintenance method text, so please use it.

Q Why not do it the same as other companies?

A The conventional system has been established for the convenience of the vendor.

The inconvenience was hidden and the customer had no choice but to follow the established system.

It seems that the supply device is attached as a service, and in fact, it is often rented.

Also, with conventional detergents with dangerous ingredients, it is very dangerous if the supply device breaks and too much detergent comes out.

Regular inspection was always necessary.

If it's a dangerous item, it's normal for a store to check it properly.

We provide safe products, purchase supply equipment at stores, and reduce unnecessary rental fees etc.

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